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Pink Flower

Anna Mae

Sarina has a true interest in houses and architecture. She sees all the possibilities and shares her vision. She’s highly motivated, driven, and an aggressive entrepreneur who maintains high ethical standards. Not the hunter type rushing to close the deal, compromising quality service, but the farmer who plants seeds, and builds strong lasting relationships. This strength has made it easy for her to build a vast network of contacts within the real estate market. Working with her, you are getting the whole package and more! Sarina is very personable, passionate and honest. Known to make homes absolutely beautiful, and on a side note, a caring animal lover. I always say, you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals.. If you get the chance, visit her home, her wonderful family, and pets.. I personally assist with real estate closings; purchases, refinancing, sales, etc.. and with her open availability, who actually answers the phone, responds quickly to messages, she makes the process so much easier, I highly recommend Mrs Garoutte. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Almond Tree Flowers

Harry Eng, Director

With your authenticity, relationship building, business, service, and communications skills, you are sure to be a top producing RE Agent as well as HR Leader in any organization lucky enough to have you.

Flower Arrangement

Lisa Littlefield

I've gotten the pleasure of knowing Sarina for about 5 years. I've gotten to see her renovation and design of two homes and a business. She has impeccable style. She is very passionate and has integrity in her work and her life. If you are looking for an agent to find you the perfect house that fits who you are SHE IS YOUR GIRL!!!

White Flowers

Robert Lieber, VP

You have been an extra-ordinary partner for our team.  You stepped into a very challenging time with great knowledge and professionalism.  You helped us as an organization and you have been a STAR for our team.   Your support and participation in our division’s staff challenges gave me courage and made them caring interactions. You’ve made a significant and positive impact.

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